Irrational City


Annie Auchere Aguettaz

IRRATIONAL CITY Project curated by Colette COPELAND

Bath House Cultural Center DALLAS/USA July 3rd/August 1st 2015  

From a project commissioned by Annie Auchere Aguettaz imagespassages  Annecy – Rhône-Alpes  France

imagespassages has been presenting video Works by emerging as well as worldwide established artists, in the field of MOVING IMAGES, for more than 20 years now.

The four selected artists (Le Gentil Garçon, Clorinde Durand, Eric Dizambour, Philippe Astorg) are giving their own vision of the world that surrounds us in a way that doesn’t elude reality but  transforms it with personal ethics & aesthetics. despair & humor, displacement in time & space, politics & poetics of visual arts through that common hybrid medium : VIDEO.

Intimate or global, their approaches make the visitor wonder on the sense of how to live today as an artist. All of them interfere with different artistic expressions but they all make us think that art offers us the possibility to create  our lives different from  the main media stream.  None of them deny technology; instead they incorporate technology in an experimental,  non commercial way with their own unique vision.