Irrational City


Artist / Curator

Dwayne Carter

Dwayne Carter's large scale digital prints are based on images from his forthcoming photo novella, Madness #4. (low res), (hi res)

In a post-apocalyptic tour of Dallas, we find a facsimile of Dante's journey through Hell and Purgatory, where things get worse till we transform and accept new identities. We are given no clues to help us decide if it was Ebola, Dallas' past sins or simply apathy that left the Dart Stations and other familiar sites in ruins. Carter's vision of an Irrational City is seen as a place where self interest rules and nobody cares, but we do get a second chance.

He has participated in numerous exhibitions including the Aurora New-Media Festival, A Week of Kindness in the Ida Greene Gallery, Austin College, Left Right at 500X and Madness at Plush Gallery.