Irrational City


Clorinde Durand

2008 – 6’12

Filmed in Le Fresnoy,in 2008 with a 2K PHANTOM camera at a rate of  2000 frames per second

Naufrage translated means shipwreck. The video is an experimental narrative that inventories obsessive fears. The viewer is left to his/her own interpretation. Was there an accident, a breakdown, or an explosion ? The scene unfolds to a climatic, emotional nightmare captured in slow motion.

Concept – editing – setting : Clorinde Durand
Music : Antoine AUBIN

Clorinde Durand was born in Ollioules in 1984. She graduated from art school in Aix en Provence, then studied at LE FRESNOY, a national studio for contemporary art.

Durand has received many awards for Naufrage.

Making-of de "Naufrage"