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Mona Kasra

Untilted.1 (#SelfieActivism) - 2015 - Video


Untilted.2 (#SelfieActivism) - 2015 - Video


The profusion of  selfies that almost immediately begin circulating on social media in relation or in response to certain cultural, social, or political events is indicative of the increasing use of digital-networked images as deliberate, individualistic acts of political identity allowing post-state expression of ideological commitment. Visually mediating and conveying the participants’ political stance, the cumulative effect of selfie protest images signifies a new era of personal/political expressions and multiplicity of publics. This project alludes to the fact that while in isolation these images seem to follow simple aesthetics and act as individual conduits for self-expression—or even perhaps social vanity—, together they signify a new form of collective action, redefining the concept of social protest in the age of networked media. 


Mona Kasra is an Asst Professor in Digital Media Design at the University of Virginia (UVa). Her research is centered around the impact, power, and politics of the digital image in the networked era. She is a creative practitioner who has exhibited work in numerous exhibitions, both in gallery and online settings, and has managed, programmed, curated, and juried for several film festivals, art exhibitions, and lecture series. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Video Association of Dallas and is represented by the Liliana Bloch Gallery.

Mona Kasra