Irrational City


(Patrick Murphy) Daniel K. Böhm

Disgraced physicist.
Shut in.
Daniel K. Böhm.
Best known for causing the reactor meltdown in Wüttenschlesig. He now lives on an abandoned cotton farm near Spur, Texas.
I met Daniel in 2006.
His room was unusually warm. Womb-like. I remember layers of wallpaper, peeling, flaking, floating down to settle on a book or a pile of magazines. There was a cat drawing in the warmth of an amplifier. Faint sounds warbled through a speaker.
In the corner, 9 feet of audio tape lay in a magnetic nest. A coffee table sat in the center of the room, overflowing with maps, circuits,, half empty coffee mugs and scraps of mathematical equations.
In dim light. He rocked as he spoke. He still wore the lab coat.
At each visit he would bestow tapes. artifacts. Wobbly spools rattled inside the cassette enclosures.
He was a minor curiosity. I met him only the one time. He scrawled an almost illegible signature, making me executor of his estate. It consisted solely of recordings.
After time, the tapes began to reverberate with meaning.
He’s gone now.
Here are his tapes.