Irrational City


(Peazy) Patrick Patterson-Carroll

25 14 8 12 Things 2 Do Now

by Peazy

So this is how it is/what it’s come to

the city no longer breathes

She heaves

& I suggest that if u go out u get ur bat & cover ur face

Because every place that used to be like home









Be worse

U might be in Austin or Houston;

So grab a 40

Get ur bat & mask

Hit the alley

& enjoy what’s left.

One/The most important thing is to

detoxify b4 ur journey.

The best alley to take a shit in is between Live Oak and Ross.

Two/The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. I guess.

Avoid shortcuts. B4 shit went down, shortcuts were acceptable in the sense they facilitated a journey. Now u might get caught up in the mob of anarchy.

Not that I hate anarchy; it’s just that it still endorses hierarchy, I don’t care what you say.

You’ll know him when you see him. Lust & greed of biblical proportions.

3. Uh oh. Pigs r creeping. Better be covert w/ the 40.

The good news is you’re white & institutional racism still exists (which is still bad news cuz fuck all that), but what’s more

U hate confrontation & fear martial retribution.


So maybe take a shortcut?

Number Five/

I hear there’s still comedy going down at the old Comedy House location. Sadly, everyone’s still funnier off-stage than on.


Yeah, I said it.

#6/The coast is clear of pigs. But ur out of booze. Maybe Spirits hasn’t totally been looted.

7/Inevitably, some poor soul will solicit u 4 a Lucy & offer his girl, lucy

“my Lucy 4 a Lucy,” he will exclaim.

Deny him.

We may be fucked, but we don’t barter people; leave that 2 anarchy.

Numero Ocho/

U know those weeds they planted along the sidewalks of Deep Ellum?

Go ahead & please trample them/piss on them/because it’s what they think of us

“Look, u guys need some weeds cuz it just ain’t pretty.”

Now ur pretty. Kind of. LOL. Weeds. Nuisance. 2 be pulled eventually.



If u see a tagger, offer 2 b lookout. Remember, the pigs may work 4 themselves now, but never underestimate the power of dwindling power




Search 4 things lost. My friend Adam Strange lost a notebook in an alley near Commerce years ago. If I can resist the urge to hurl from alcohol poisoning, I will maybe find it.


#11/ Lost ur love?

U can meet a new one or someone at least to screw


& finally TWELVE/

Don’t forget ur bat. It is a tool & weapon. Now, given this info, it’s important 2 realize Peazy does not endorse violence & vigilantism, but he’s read bits & pieces of William T. Vollmann’s


Rising ^ & Rising down/


Moral compass & shi






So u need some food/use it/u need 2 prove a point… I don’t know.


Peazy's art pertains to the before and the after re: cataclysmic event. Peazy spent much of the before period writing internet listicles, aspiring to literary greatness, creating art, and experiencing his world psychogeographically. Many of the pieces deal with his creative "ephemera" and also how he still copes (or doesn't) with the loss of a world characterized by his own loss (such as: the "dated" concepts of family, friends, and general positivity; there's glory in subversion). 

Patrick Patterson-Carroll (Peazy) is a Dallas-based writer and artist currently writing for THRWD Magazine. He occasionally contributes to Thought Catalog. In 2014, he published his first collection of short stories, "I Dig Symmetry and Six Other Stories" through Thought Catalog. He will have an upcoming piece in THRWD Issue #6. He would like to thank the mask, the bat, and the visible handcuffs. 


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