Irrational City


Ren Rowland


Using monitors and mirrors, Ren Rowland re-creates your identity as that of the worker.

Ren Rowland Bio

Video maker Ren Rowland's video works are influenced by his world travels as a child, including time spent in Saudi Arabia and various parts of the United States. His interest in film and video production is enhanced by seventeen years as a video store manager and as a video buyer for a large video retailer based in Dallas. His video retail experiences bring a rich awareness of rare and off beat films.

His installations and videos have been included in the Aurora Multimedia Festival, the Route 66 Film Festival in Springfield, Illinois, the Dallas Video Festival and the Indiana Short Film Festival. He has also participated in numerous video installations as part of The Video Haus Collective. His video/installation titled “Deer,” exhibited in Aurora 2013, was also featured in Dallas magazine.