Irrational City

Artist / Curator

Colette Copeland

Imbalancing from Colette Copeland
Copeland c.v.
Stills from Route 666

Artist Statement:

Inspired by Dada, Theater of the Absurd, Situationist Theory and contemporary performance art, Copeland’s performance video work humorously questions cultural norms. In her 6th performance video collaboration with Adam Wesley George, they create an homage to Marcel Duchamp and his alter-ego Rrose Selavy.  The characters stroll through a sculpture garden, encountering  “ready mades”. Stopping for a picnic, the day goes awry as Duchamp’s male and female egos struggle for power.

Colette Copeland is a multi-media visual artist and cultural critic/writer whose work examines issues surrounding gender, death and contemporary culture. Sourcing personal narratives and popular media, she utilizes video, photography, performance and sculptural installation to question societal roles and the pervasive influence of media, and technology on our communal enculturation.

Over the past 12 years, her work has been exhibited in 15 solo exhibitions and 70 group exhibitions/festivals spanning 29 countries. She teaches art and digital media at University of Texas, Richland and Collin Colleges in Dallas, Texas as well as writes for Glasstire Magazine. She proudly admits to providing her children with years of “therapy” fodder.  

irrational.City artists curated by Colette Copeland and Annie Auchere Aguettaz

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