The irrational.City exhibition will take place July 3 to August 1, 2015 at the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas.

Artist / Participants
will serve as curators for the virtual, online exhibition irrational.City .
In addition to art on view at the Bath House Cultural Center.
some of the artist will curate a page focusing on
constructions of identity amid an imagined
post-apocalyptic cultural landscape.
Also at the Bath House
FIT Independent Theatre

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Links, Reviews and Profiles

"Witness the Post-Apocalyptic Chaos of Irrational City", Lauren Smart, Dallas Observer

"Have a Nice Day,Visions of the Apocalypse in Irrational City", Lee Escobedo, Arts+Culture

"The One Art Exhibit Opening in Dallas This Weekend", Peter Simek,  D Magazine

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Glasstire Top Five pick, July 2, 2015

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"Artists imagine the end", Enrique Fernandez Cervantes, White Rock Lake Weekly

"Cuba Diary", by Colette Copeland, Glasstire

"Where Is Dallas' Zine Scene?", Amy McCarthy, Dallas Observer



Dwayne Carter, Lead Curator

Colette Copeland, Curator

Randall Garrett, Curator

Philippe Astorg

Hugo Ball

Pierre Krause

Eric Dizambourg

Carlos Donjuan

Clorinde Durand

Le Gentil Garcon

Mitch Geller

Thor Johnson

Mona Kasra

Michael Morris, Curator

(Patrick Murphy) Daniel K. Böhm

Jeff Parrott

Patrick Patterson-Carrol

Quintin Rivera-Toro

Ren Rowland

Website updated in June/July 2015